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We frequently receive inquiries about adding a veteran’s name to the Park.  There have been five additions to the Park since the original dedication of nine pillars in 1992, the latest of which was dedicated in November, 2019.  Each addition campaign has been widely advertised in the community, since each addition entails the purchase of two mirror image granite pillars that hold over one hundred names in total.  There is a charge for each name, which is calculated by the cost of the granite, the polishing, and the engraving, along with the cost of transportation to Vermont where this is completed.

The qualifications needed to have a veteran’s name considered for engraving are as follows:

  • Must be a veteran of any military service, abroad or stateside.
  • Must have been honorably discharged or presently serving in the armed forces.
  • Must have been a Chelmsford resident during service, or a current or prior resident of Chelmsford with a minimum of five years residency.
  • Must provide proof of service (a copy of form DD-214 or copy of Honorable Discharge).
  • Check or money order for total fee.

Final approval is subject to the discretion of the Park Committee.

At present, there are no plans for future pillar additions.  Additions of individual names is prohibitive, due to cost and disruption of alphabetization.  Interested parties may submit their contact information to Chelmsford Veterans’ Agent Regina Jackson at Town Hall or at for future consideration if new additions are planned.

As an alternative, please consider our Donor’s Appreciation Stone.  After a donation of $500 or more, any honoree’s name will be engraved on this stone for all to remember.  This alternative is often used to request donations in a deceased’s memory in lieu of flowers.

Agent Orange Stone Update – November 5, 2020

The Park Committee hopes everyone is safe and well during these unsettled times.

There is a new stone addition to the Park.  An Agent Orange stone has been put in place and a virtual dedication ceremony has been recorded.  A video will be aired on Chelmsford Telemedia and  The Park is always open to the public.  

Donations in support of this project would be gratefully accepted.